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Brooklyn truck rental guide

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So you have decided to move to Brooklyn. You have made the right choice when it comes to the destination.Brooklyn is becoming one of the most famous moving destinations in the USA because of its development and many job opportunities. Maybe you should start off by hiring the best Brooklyn moving service and Brooklyn truck rental service. You will want to find the best moving truck Brooklyn service and we are here to guide you. If you rent an affordable truck you will lower the moving costs Brooklyn movers will make you pay. We will give you some advice on how to rent a moving truck. We will also give you some expert advice on how to load the truck.

Brooklyn truck rental
Find a reliable Brooklyn truck rental service

What to know when hiring Brooklyn truck rental service

There are some things you should know when renting a truck in Brooklyn. We are going to give you some useful advice and guidelines. When it comes to the average price of renting a truck you can get it for about 100$ a day.

Estimate the size of your truck

You should estimate the size of the truck you will need. If the truck is to small you will find yourself in a very frustrating situation. You truck rental company will probably give you the best advice when it comes to this. They can calculate the size of the truck you should rent according to the average size of the home you are moving. According to professionals if you are moving one to two rooms you will need a 12-foot truck. On the other hand, you will need a 26-foot truck if you are moving five to seven rooms worth of belongings.

rental truck size
Estimate the size of your truck

Plan and book ahead

You should be well organized when it comes to booking your rental truck. Timing is important if you want everything to go smoothly. The busiest period is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In this summer period, you will have the most difficulties renting a truck.So you could consider another time. The end of the month is also very busy. You should plan ahead and rent at least a couple of weeks before the move.

Make sure you get insurance

We sure hope that everything goes perfectly with your Brooklyn truck rental, but you need to be insured. If something gets stolen or if you get into an accident it is important that you get insurance. The insurance that truck rental companies provide include the following:

  • Damage waivers – they protect you in case of a theft
  •  Supplemental liability insurance – they help you not pay bodily injury claims that could be filed against you or property damage
  • Personal and cargo policies – they protect your property inside the truck
  • Auto tow protection – this covers the damage or theft of your personal vehicle when it is on a towing truck

Gas isn’t included in the price

An important thing you should know about your Brooklyn truck rental is that they will not include gas in the price. You will have to count this as your moving budget costs. If you return the truck with less gas than you got you could get a penalty. In addition, take into consideration that the gas price will vary if you move across the state.So explore the prices and do the math before the move. There are some benefits you can get for an extra fee. These include dollies, insurance, moving blankets, locks for the back of the truck, and GPS units. You will also have to pay extra for a tow trailer for your car. Some companies might not have tow trailers.You should check this.

truck rental
Gas will not be included in the price

Tips on loading a moving truck

If you want to maximize the space and storage power of your truck you will have to pack like an expert. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

Big or small items first?

This is a dilemma. Some experts think that you should load big and bulky items first.On the other hand, some disagree. If you have a lot of evenly sizes boxes you can make a wall of boxes starting from the back walls of the truck. You can load boxes up to the ceiling.Of course, don’t forget to secure them to prevent them from tumbling down.

Distribute the weight in an even way

It would be a good idea to load the heavy things next to the walls so that you would have the middle free for loading other items. Your things will be secure and you will be ready for settling into Brooklyn.

Be extra careful with pictures and mirrors

Paintings and mirrors are extremely delicate so be extra careful when packing them. You should pack them between the mattresses. Nothing will be on top of them and you will save space.

Place couches vertically

Coaches are some of the biggest items you will have to load. When you place them horizontally they will take up a lot of space.Place them on end and you will save space.Most rental trucks have ceilings high enough for this endeavor.

Dissasemble the tables

If you put tables in a whole you will lose a lot of space. You should disassemble them first.Then you can load them in pieces. You can put items and boxes on them or underneath them.

Don’t forget to use straps

You will pack your truck from top to bottom if you use these tips.However, you will still have to secure everything. That is why you should use packing straps. You should strap in layers, not after you load everything. This will leave everything more secure.

Your Brooklyn truck rental will go smoothly if you follow our advice. Mind the time when you rent and the additional costs as well. Be sure you get insurance. Remember that the gas is not included in the price. And of course, last but not least, optimize your use of space by packing like an expert.

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